Partially "Friends Only"

Decided that I'd make the ol' journal partially Friends Only. No real reason other than I find some old posts to be really old and irrelevant, but don't want to delete them.

All art, excepting mature art, will be open to everyone. Mature art posts, personal real life posts, and rants will be kept under lock and key.
//G.U., .hack, haseo

New LJ, perhaps...

Over at seafoamturtle. I wanted a fresh start to coincide with some changes going on in my life (new department to work in at my job, finally got some peace and quiet at home, driving, etc). I'll still be on LJ, just a different moniker to go by.

I originally made this journal to participate in the Fullmetal Alchemist fandom on LJ, and those days have long since passed. I have many wonderful memories to look back on, and have met many amazing people I wouldn't have known otherwise. It is my hope that I can continue to strengthen these bonds, and forge new ones as life goes on. However, I have changed a lot since my days in FMA, and even more so since I was a young weeaboo girl in the internet looking for fanfiction of my dear OTPs.

I won't be deleting this journal, because I am lazy and still am fond of the name. I probably won't be updating this journal anymore, so if you wish to contact me, please visit my newer journal. I will also eventually be posting a link to my new DA. Trying to get everything in my life nice and organized.

Thank you again for your time. I am sorry for any trouble this may cause.

Sorry, no art this time either.

For the past few days, I've been feeling kind of sick. It goes away a little bit if I eat, but it always comes back. I don't know if it's stress or something else, but I hope it goes away soon. It's this unpleasant feeling that keeps bubbling up, almost as if I feel like I might need to throw up, but not quite enough to actually get there.

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I hope you're all doing well, I'm sorry to bore you about my real life stuff. I'll post art stuff... Eventually. OTL

Please excuse the language, but...

I kind of want to kill my older sister right now. She abandoned the van my parents gave to her, and it looks like my dad is the one that is going to have to pay for the fees for the storage and towing, as well as having to bring it back from Idaho to Washington. If I ever see her again, I'm going to break her fucking face in, this is fucking ridiculous.

I should also do the same to my youngest sister, as she's been nothing but an utter bitch lately and I'm sick of her doing shit that hurts everyone at home. Mom has heart problems on top of her arthritis and other joint problems in her arms and hands, and doesn't have time for this shit. I don't have time for this shit, and neither does anyone else.

Sorry, just wanted to get that out. Just really fucking pissed right now.

At least I have Oofuri to make me feel better. OTL

MS Paint Meme

Okay, inspired by a friend's previous MS Paint exploits, I decided to give this a go. You name a character and provide a phrase in a comment, and I try to draw it in MS Paint. The chance of crack is high.

So have at it! XD This is just for fun, so don't expect anything serious from it.
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A blast from the past! D:

So, I've been rewatching Gundam Wing bit by bit (all episodes are up on Crunchyroll until July 1st!), and it's been like a trip back into the nineties. The style, the animation, the high rise pants... XD It's been an inspiration for a lot of doodling lately. I have a rekindled love for the series and all of it's characters now. <3

Enjoy the doodles! There's a lot of Duo to be had, even though Quatre is my favorite. XD I know quite a few of you really like Duo though, so I hope you're happy. :3

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Hope you liked it! XD

Sakura-Con and art

Sup! I hope you all had a lovely Easter weekend. I myself just spent it at Sakura-Con down in Seattle, and it was a blast. Past years, I just sort of hung out with friends and drew when I wasn't hanging out with them, but that changed a bit this year. I mean, I actually went out and did stuff. Even went to one of the rave dances (SO MANY SHINIES OMG THE LASERS) and several events, including the cosplay chess. I must say, when Scorpion took on Speed Racer, it was a fight of epic proportions. Speed lost, but DAMN did he put up a fight. Can't wait until a video comes up of it.

Also, I did a lot of art at the con, mostly sketching. My main muse? XENOGEARS, FUCK YEAH. FYI, some of the pics might not be work safe, so proceed with caution.

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