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Mithra Cafe

A Taruburger, you can has.

31 May
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Hmm... Well, I'm a diehard Xenogears fan, and shall always love that game above all other fandoms I may get into, just because it's my first true RPG... I'm an artist of sorts, drawing mostly anime-styled pictures, usually consisting of buff guys like Solid Snake (of Metal Gear Solid fame) getting in touch with their inner magical school girl. I'm very open minded, and enjoy gaming, drawing, listening to music, and laying around the house like a corpse. Currently a fan of Fullmetal Alchemist, as it is a very good anime (compared to some other ones out there).

In short, I'm your everyday crack artist, and it's a pleasure to meet you all. :D

Some of my icons, banners, or images may or may not use Photoshop brushes by Aethereality.Net, Appassionato, and aetter. If any more brushes get used from different sources, they shall be credited here as well. If one of your brushes was used and I didn't credit you, and you wish to be credited, then please send me a message stating so!